Campaign Coordinator Training

The following training modules have been designed to aid you in running a successful campaign from start to end. Each module allows you to review the aspects of your administrative role at your own pace and desire. If you need any further clarification reagarding any of the content shared during these modules, please contact SCCP program manager, La Toya Wimbush  at

2016-2017 SCCP Training for SCCP Coordinators

Module One: Preparation and Planning
Understand and appreciate the SCCP Coordinator’s role in the campaign and the SCCP Mission. Get an overview of the whole SCCP cycle from beginning to end.  Learn how to set Agency goals, expectations and guidelines in accordance with Agency policies, and review the steps necessary for the preparation and scheduling of an SCCP Event.

Module Two: Fundraising
Review the process for the proper collection of pledges, checks and cash, and adopt best practices for the correct handling of collected SCCP funds. Learn how to develop good SCCP recordkeeping practices throughout the campaign.

Module Three: Reporting and Closeout
Get a comprehensive review of all of the steps involved in the SCCP reporting process, including the preparation of the SCCP Coordinator Report, and a step by step guide on how to record the SCCP Coordinator Report information online. Learn what records must be included when mailing in the SCCP Coordinator Report.  Finally, understand how to review and reconcile SCCP information online and close out the SCCP campaign.

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To aid in the new batch creation envelope process, additional training is provided below. Please keep in mind that the batch creation must include at-least 1 pledge form. Enter 1, if there are none.

Click here to view batch creation video.