FAQs for Donors


Why is my charity of choice not on the official listing?
Either they did not apply for inclusion in the campaign or they were not approved for inclusion.  Charities must apply to participate during the open application period that runs from December – February.  All current charities are notified of the application period along with any non-participating charities that have expressed interest throughout the year.  If you wish to suggest a charity for inclusion, send an email to sccp@doas.ga.gov and we will attempt to invite them to apply. All charities must be approved by the State Personnel Board in the May/June meeting in order to participate in the fall campaign.  Pledges designated to a charity that does not participate in the campaign will be considered “undesignated.”

Questions and Answers on Payroll Deduction

For payroll deduction, how is my pledge deducted from my paycheck?
In accordance with O.C.G.A.  ss 45-20-53 section B, “Deductions shall be made monthly or to coincide with each pay period as determined by the agency. No deduction shall be made for less than $1.00 per deduction period or for less than $1.00 per designated charitable organization.”  Employees of state agencies will have their deduction taken monthly and should choose the State Agency (once monthly) or Monthly (x12) option.  This schedule is set according to the payroll processing agency.  The university system deductions are determined based on what type of payroll schedule they are on – 10 month, 12 month or biweekly. The 4 options on Payroll Deduction coincide with these 4 payroll types.  Employees must also renew their pledge on an annual basis.

What happens if I am a state agency employee but I selected an option other than monthly?
This is an error that sometimes happens, but the annual pledge amount is honored based on the actual deduction schedule for that type of employee.  All employees validate their annual pledge amount through our pledge validation process and the deduction is uploaded based on their employer (state agency or university system).  If a state agency employee chooses the “wrong” option, their annual pledge amount is processed according to the set schedule described above.  The validated annual amount will be evenly deducted over 12 months in once monthly deductions beginning January.

But I want my pledge taken out over two paychecks.  Can I do that?
Payroll deductions are not customizable due to being processed as a mass upload.  If you want more control over your deduction, please consider making a one-time payment by either credit card or check.

Can I cancel my pledge after the deduction year has already started?
You can cancel your pledge by contacting your local payroll coordinator and getting the deduction deleted.  You have control of your pledge and may cancel it for any reason.

If I transfer, does my deduction continue?
Possibly.  If you transfer within the state agencies that use the PeopleSoft payroll system, then your deduction should continue.  If you transfer to a member of the university system or to an affiliated agency, it will not.  You can redo your pledge during the campaign season in the fall.

Questions and Answers about Administrative Costs

What are the administrative costs of the State Charitable Contributions Program?
The Department of Administrative Services – Human Resources Administration Division oversees the campaign’s administrative costs, which were 16% for the 2014-15 campaign. Historically, these costs have not exceeded 12% and is expected to be realigned with years past for the 2015-16 campaign. These costs include printing and designing campaign materials, training coordinators, personnel, processing and auditing contributions. Because the SCCP campaign’s overhead is so low compared to other fundraising campaigns, more of every dollar you pledge goes toward helping others.

Why should I not give directly to a charitable agency and save the administrative cost?
Giving through the SCCP provides benefits both to employees and charitable agencies that are not available otherwise. For employees, the convenience of spreading out your payment over the course of the year through your paycheck gives you more freedom to budget for annual giving and incorporate the benefits of the tax-deductible donation.

For charitable agencies, the SCCP saves them time and money spent processing individual donations and provides them with a continuous stream of funds throughout the deduction year. The SCCP administrator combines multiple contributions and sends a single payment quarterly. Donations fluctuate during the course of the year for charities, so this provides a reliable stream of funds with which they can plan their services.

How does this impact how my pledge is distributed to my chosen charity?
Independent charities receive aggregated payments directly from SCCP. For charities that are a member of a federation (i.e. United Way), payments are made to the federation who then distributes the money to the specific charity.