About Georgia State Charitable Contributions Program (SCCP)

The State Charitable Contributions Program (SCCP) is a benefit for state of Georgia and University System employees to contribute to the charity of their choice through payroll deduction or a one-time donation. There are more than 130,000 employees that can participate and over 1,000 charities available for designating pledges. Each independent charity or federation of charities has been certified by the program to be responsible, effective and upstanding. 

Just in the last 20 years, State of Georgia and University System employees have generously contributed over $36 million to support a cause of their choice. This display of compassion shows Georgia employees care a lot about our state and community. 

Georgia Law O.C.G.A. 45-20-50 et seq established the SCCP program, which is administered by the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS). DOAS is responsible for reviewing and approving the applications submitted by charities wishing to receive funds from the SCCP, approving the operating budget of the campaign and managing the annual campaign.