Message from the Chairman

As I have begun my tenure as the Chairman of the 2017-2018 State Charitable Contributions Program (Campaign), I’ve been thinking about this year’s slogan, State change. Pledge today! In this slogan, the word State… is a verb that, according to the dictionary, means “to declare definitely.”

I believe that most of us in state government do our jobs…to earn a pay check, to be sure…but also because we want to declare change in the lives of our fellow citizens in some way…to positively impact the citizens of Georgia through our service on their behalf.

The annual Campaign gives us another way to declare change. By financially contributing through our pledges to one or more of the over 1,400 approved charities, we definitely declare change for children, families, the disabled, veterans, families experiencing homelessness, the sick, the disenfranchised, the environment, suffering animals, and on and on…I dare say there is at least one cause, one charity, one issue facing Georgia or our planet that speaks to the heart of every state employee in Georgia.

For that reason, even though you work to change the lives of the citizens of Georgia every day, I encourage you to carefully review this year’s list of approved charities and support an organization by giving of yourself as much as you can. We probably won’t ever see or hear about the impact our contributions make. But that’s no reason not to make them.

So this year, please join with me to State change. Pledge today! We as a state and we as individuals will be better off for it.


Commissioner Amy M. Jacobs

P.S. Watch for more information about this important Campaign.