Message from the Chair

September 20, 2018

RE:      2018 State Charitable Contributions Program Welcome Letter

It’s time once again for Georgia’s annual State Charitable Contributions Program.  This year’s
theme is Shaping Our Future Through Giving.  Here is what we already know: Georgians are generous.
On a daily basis, I see state employees across many departments performing acts of kindness large
and small.   I am privileged to serve as the Chair for this year’s campaign because it gives me an
opportunity to say “please” and “thank you” to thousands of public servants across Georgia.

First, thank you for your tireless service to our state.  I am proud to be a state employee and to
serve alongside a team that works with dedication and pride.   We know that Georgians count  on  us
each  day  to  deliver essential  services in  all  corners of  the state.   Our work is
challenging,  and  also  rewarding,  and  it  is  easier  to  make  progress  when  our  economy
is strong, and people are optimistic about the future.  These are prosperous times.

With that recognition, I can also say, please.  Please consider our fellow Georgians with unmet
needs that can be addressed by statewide and local charities.   Your contribution, no matter the
size, can make a real difference for those who need it.

We have done two things this year to make it easier to give.   First, we have simplified the
process for giving online.  Just click this link, and follow the prompts.  You will see how easy it
is to select organizations or causes of your choice, and let them know that you value their work
with your giving.  Second, we have shortened the time of the campaign to one month, beginning
October 1 and ending October 31.

Please pick your day to give.  We can demonstrate Georgia’s strength and spirit through each SCCP
contribution.   These  organizations  impact  our  communities  and  our  families,  and  I cannot
think of a better way to invest in our future than to provide support to those that need it most.

Inspired  by  Robert  T.  Bennett,  a  small  act  of  kindness  can  light  a  candle  in  the
darkest moments of someone else’s life. Thank you for your support. I look forward to joining you
as together we kindle the flame of generosity.


Commissioner Judy Fitzgerald, Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental
Chair, 2018 State Charitable Contributions Program