Donor FAQs

1. Why is my charity of choice not on the official listing?
The charity might not have applied during the application period, or might not have been approved in accordance with the criteria outlined in the O.C.G.A § 45-20-51.

2. For payroll deduction, how is my pledge deducted from my paycheck?
Deductions are taken once per month and is set according to the payroll processing agency; at a minimum of $1.00 per month. The university system deductions are determined based on the payroll schedule they provide.

3. What happens if I am a state agency employee, but I selected an option other than monthly?
All employees validate their annual pledge amount through our pledge validation process and the deduction is uploaded based on their employer (state agency or university) system. If the employee chooses an option that is not available, the pledge amount is processed according to the appropriate schedule. The validated annual amount will be evenly deducted over 12 months starting in January.

4. I want my pledge taken out over two paychecks. Can I do that?
Payroll deductions are not customizable. If you want more control over your deduction, consider making a one-time payment by either credit card or check. Complete the GASCCP paper pledge form when paying by check and provide it to your agency’s GASCCP coordinator.

5. Can I cancel my pledge after the deduction year has already started?
You may cancel your pledge by contacting your local payroll coordinator and getting the deduction deleted. You have control of your pledge and may cancel it for any reason.

6. If I transfer, can my deduction continue?
If you transfer within the state agencies that use the PeopleSoft payroll system, then your deduction should continue. If you transfer to a university system or to an affiliated agency, it will not. However, you may redo your pledge during the campaign period.

7. Why should I not give directly to a charitable agency and save the administrative cost?
Giving through the GASCCP provides benefits both to employees and charitable agencies that are not available otherwise. For employees, the convenience of spreading out your payment over the course of the year through your paycheck and incorporates the benefits of the tax-deductible donation.
For charitable agencies, the GASCCP saves them time and money spent processing individual donations and provides them with a continuous stream of funds throughout the deduction year. The GASCCP administrator combines multiple contributions and sends a single payment quarterly. Donations fluctuate during the course of the year for charities, so this provides a reliable stream of funds which they can plan their services.

8. How does this impact how my pledge is distributed to my chosen charity?
Independent charities receive aggregated payments directly from the GASCCP. Payments for charities that are a member of a federation (i.e. United Way), receive their payments when the federation distributes the money to the specific charity.

9. Who processes my donations?
America’s Charities, contracted through Department of Administrative Services, processes all pledged funds, including credit card donations, as part of the Georgia State Charitable Contributions Program (GASCCP).

10. What security measures are in place?
Protecting your personal information is critical, and your security is our top priority. Simply Giving provides state of the art security to prevent any data from being compromised. Critical data is encrypted in storage using the strongest encryption products available today. The lock icon located in your browser indicates that any data transmitted through Simply Giving servers are secure in transit. There are audited policies in place designed to guarantee that no unauthorized individual gains access to Simply Giving’s server resources.

11. How do I donate to a charity if I am not in the office or on site?
Go to and log into the Giving Portal.